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Maple with Leopardwood Clock 12 Inch


There is something really special about Sugar Maple.  Its light color is just the right hue.  When accented with Walnut and exotic Leopardwood you have something truly regal.  The design is inconspicuous and yet somehow eye-catching at the same time.

Adorned with dark brown leather marking the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions on the clock face, this clock will complement any finely decorated space perfectly.  

Clock Movement

Only the best will do and no sacrifices on quality.  I use only the best and quietest clock movement on the market.  Runs on a single AA battery (not included...sorry...shipping logistics).  

Environmentally Conscious

We source our materials locally and limit our use of exotic woods to only those with no known negative environmental impacts.

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Handmade Quality

There's something different about handmade. While it may lack precise repeatability, it has a quality that is un-rivaled.

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Small Business

Shopping small can be very rewarding. When you buy home décor from Maple Birch, you are helping make a small-town entreprenuer's dreams come true, and I thank you.

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